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Staining Protocols on tissue slides


 Staining protocols for Histology

Includes, but not limited to :

  • HE or HES
  • Masson Trichrome
  • Red Oil
  • Feulgen
  • PAS
  • Picro Indigo Carmin
  • Masson Fontana
  • Alizarin Red S
  • Sirius Red
  • Perls
  • Von Kossa
  • Gomori reticulin
  • Myelin

Protocols performed on a wide range of tissues

Staining protocols are performed on a wide range of tissues and species such as Human, rat, Mouse, Monkey, Zebrafish, …

Our technical platform brings its expertise in the development and implementation of standard and special stains in the histology field.

Staining protocols are mainly performed on automated stainers to ensure better reproducibility and to allow a more reliable operation in image analysis.

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